16 November 2016

#TravelTips: Maldives or Tahiti?


Last month I was in French Polynesia for the second time. On this trip, I visited the islands of Moorea, Bora Bora, Tikehau, Rangiroa, Taha’a, Tetiaroa and Papeete. When I returned to Brazil a lot of people asked me: “Maldives or Tahiti?” I’m going to tell you that comparing these two paradises is  practically impossible! You know why? Even though they are equally special, wonderful, super exclusive, romantic, away from Brazil and expensive, they have quite different profiles.

I will better explain it to you.

Tahiti is a huge archipelago in the South Pacific formed by 118 atolls and islands. (Well, that’s the first point: the location. It can set which side of the world you prefer to go. Pacific or Indian Ocean?) Less than 15 of these islets are inhabited and have tourist infrastructures. Where there are hotels and also villages, which differs from the Maldives, where each hotel is exclusively a coral atoll. The arrival at Tahiti is done by the capital Papeete, where there aren’t many attractions there. Those who go there usually are not limited to a single destination. Go to at least two islands (or more) because each one has its peculiarities. Moorea is mountainous and the best place to see the humpback whales, Rangiroa is the paradise of diving, Tikehau is almost untouched and full of “peaceful” sharks, Bora Bora is a dream for couples in love, Tetiaroa is the most exclusive island to the French Polynesia, Taha’a has the most incredible corals that I have ever seen in my life. In addition the Tahitian people are super nice. Happy people who are at peace with life.

Maldivas ou Tahiti camila coelho colaboradora viagem

Maldivas ou Tahiti camila coelho colaboradora viagem3

The French Polynesia has been a trendy destination for a long time on account of the many celebrities that have visited there. One of them was the unforgettable Marlon Brando that elected Tetiaroa as his secret refuge for more than 40 years and where today is the most exclusive hotel of Tahiti, The Brando. Luxury Hotels abound in Tahiti. But, it was Bora Bora that gave the head start in the world of the “ultra chic” bungalows on the water. The island is so incredible that it has already received the title of “most beautiful in the world”. Another big difference is that in Tahiti the schedule is intense, there’s always something to do. Diving with sharks, whales, manta rays, dolphins and thousands of colorful fish (snorkeling or with a tube), tour through the natural pools among the corals, picnic on the islets, jet skiing, sailing, biking… and so on. The best way to arrive is by Santiago in Chile.

Now let’s talk a little more about the Maldives. They are very far from Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean. They are formed by 1190 islets, grouped in a chain of 27 atolls. A unique place with a surreal color of its water. The largest island is where the capital Malé is located, with only two square kilometers. Around 250 islands are inhabited in the Maldives and less than 100 of them have hotels. This makes the contact difficult with the culture and with the people whose religion is Islam. In the Maldives, there are more luxury hotels than in Tahiti. The hotel that you choose will be your destination in itself. Therefore, choose wisely. I recommend the Conrad Rangali Island, one of the most amazing i’ve ever stayed in the world. It’s where that under water with glass ceiling restaurant is located where you can dine while seeing fish of all colors and gigantic manta rays. The easiest way to get to the Maldives is via Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The international airport is in Malé, thence depart with small seaplanes toward your final destination. The overflight of the atolls alone is already a spectacle. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs and have white sands. The program includes diving, sunbathe, relax, read a good book and start all over again. A trip to the Maldives is guaranteed plenty of exclusivity, tranquility and calmness. It is for those who want to really relax.

Maldivas ou Tahiti camila coelho colaboradora viagem5 Maldivas ou Tahiti camila coelho colaboradora viagem6

Maldivas ou Tahiti camila coelho colaboradora viagem7

Maldivas ou Tahiti camila coelho colaboradora viagem4

So, Maldives or Tahiti? I recommend both paradises. Tahiti is more of a party vibe, a place you really want to have fun. Maldives is more luxurious and calmer. It all depends on what kind of vacation you are going for. They are both spectacular, paradisiac and unforgettable places.

If you would like to see more pictures of both destinations, check out my Instagram @BlogViajarPeloMundo.

Ah! Tetiaroa has served as the background for my wedding in Tahiti. If you want, I can share everything in detail in the next post. Just let me know on the comments below!

XoXo and see you all next Tuesday!

Claudia Liechavicius

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gravatar Michele Moura
16 de November de 2016 às 1:11 pm

Ahhhhh [S2]
Que sonho… Amo lugar calmo, mas no atual momento prefiriria Tahiti por ser mais agitado.. Um sonhos qualquer um dos dois. Sonhando é que se realiza [love] [love]

gravatar Diana Locks
16 de November de 2016 às 1:33 pm

Nossa, deu muita vontade de ir. Sempre pensei que ir a Bora Bora é impossível porque é caro demais, viagem, hoteis…será que dá para ir no Tahiti e dar um salto a Bora Bora sem se ruinar? Já tava programando tavez uma viagem a Seicheles, mas fiquei com vontade de conhecer o Tahiti agora [dance]

gravatar Marta Ferreira Gonçalves
16 de November de 2016 às 1:51 pm

Meu Deus Camila, é muito difícil de escolher. Ambas têm praias magníficas. OMG!!!!😍😍😍😍 Beijinhos grandes daqui de Portugal e espero que um dia também possas vir ao meu país pois tem praias e sítios muito bonitos para visitar. As melhoras. Love you. 😚😚😚😚😚

gravatar Tânia Silva
16 de November de 2016 às 2:49 pm

Oi, Cláudia!
Realmente são lugares maravilhosos, difícil de escolher. Mas, o Thaiti sem dúvida é espetacular.E esse restaurante embaixo da água dá até medo. As fotos estão maravilhosos adorei. E, sim, gostaria de saber como foi seu casamento. Aguardo.Beijos.

16 de November de 2016 às 5:50 pm

Beautiful! I hope to visit both <3

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16 de November de 2016 às 6:42 pm

Both places are beauties! [heart]
xx Beatriz Adrianna | http://www.livelovewearit.com

gravatar Sarah
16 de November de 2016 às 10:53 pm

Oi, boa noite. Gostaria de saber em relação a preço, se tem muita diferença entre os dois, qual é a média etc.. Obrigada!

16 de November de 2016 às 11:31 pm

Hello Cami and team, I just wanted to know when will the bazar be this year??? Can’t wait to go again!!! [pula]

17 de November de 2016 às 1:09 am

[…] post #DicasDeViagem: Maldivas ou Tahiti? apareceu primeiro em Super […]

gravatar Anabela Barbosa
17 de November de 2016 às 1:52 am

Great detail in explaining the comparison! My brother just came back from the Maldives and stayed at the Conrad. Indeed gorgeous and luxurious! I was wondering about the differences but you gave a very clear description which helped me. Thank you for the insight! Can’t wait to visit it myself!

gravatar Tatiane Bertasso
17 de November de 2016 às 7:10 am

[ow] [ow] [ow] totalmente apaixonada, lindo texto tbm, parabéns! [love]

17 de November de 2016 às 12:01 pm

Adorei as dicas de viagem e corre no http://brretro.blogspot.com.br/ que tem dicas de looks

gravatar Eliene
17 de November de 2016 às 12:03 pm

Meu DEEEEEUUUUSSSS isso q é viagem!!!!! Não tenho nem noção de quanto se paga mas são lugares incríveis, com certeza preferiria o mais agitado, Camila faz post do seu casamento (AÍ EU MORRO QUERENDO UM CASAMENTO!!!!!) Bju Bju adorei a matéria [kiss]

17 de November de 2016 às 6:12 pm

[S2] Não esqueça de escolher o biquini certo para sua viagem[S2]

gravatar Camicool
17 de November de 2016 às 10:18 pm

Paradise!!!!! So far awayyyy. Good photos, tks

gravatar Manuela
18 de November de 2016 às 7:46 pm


19 de November de 2016 às 5:09 am

Fiquei num hotel em Maldivas e foi maravilhosooooo! Na ilha de Kuredo. Lá eles tinhas programação noturna diaria, além de todas essas que foi citada :) toda sexta para você ter ideia, ele fazem ´´The white party´´. Então era uma ilha completa. Com tranquilidade e agitada a noite :) muito mara!
amei o post!

gravatar Franci Pacheco
4 de December de 2016 às 7:09 pm

gente, que paraíso. Fiquei apaixonada por tudo. Ps.: fiquei curiosa para saber como foi o casamento

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