15 August 2017


RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

Hello everyone!

It has been exactly one year since I’ve been to Rangiroa, a magical atoll in the French Polynesia. I miss that blue paradise so much. Therefore, I invite you all to dive with me in one of the most amazing places that I have had the privilege of exploring.

Rangiroa is 350 kilometers from Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia. Arriving on the island by plane, besides being the easiest way, is unbelievable. The atoll is one of the largest in the world. Gigantic! It is formed by 241 islets that seen from above appear to form a large pearl necklace. In the midst of this atoll, there is a lake full of colorful fish, dolphins, manta rays and sharks. For those who love the sea, it is a true delight. Only two thousand people live on the atoll. They focus especially on the islands Tiputa and Avatoru, where there are passages that connect the sea with the inside of the lake. In the lobby, a kiosk at the Hotel Kia Ora welcomes guests with a flower necklace and cold scented towels. From then on, you don’t have to worry about anything else besides enjoying every minute.

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

Kia Ora was a nice surprise. It is known as the best hotel in Rangiroa and I totally recommend it! I chose a beautiful bungalow, with is carefully decorated, luxurious, has a private swimming pool and surrounded by coconut trees. You can also opt for bungalows on the water (but they are much smaller). On arrival, take a bike trip through the village to explore. If you are lucky, you can follow the entry of dolphins in the lagoon, at the end of the day. I couldn’t see. Ahhh!!!! Be also sure to dine at the Relais de Josephine, a French restaurant that is worth a reservation.

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

RANGIROA, UM SONHO NA POLINÉSIA camila coelho blog11

The high point of Rangiroa is at sea. Snorkel in riffles of Tiputa pass, you will never forget it! Thousands of colorful fish will swim around you. It is impressive. Just look at the pictures above and you will understand what I am talking about. I have never seen so many small fishes gathered in my life. Another unforgettable place is the Blue Lagoon. Imagine that inside the lagoon of the atoll, there is another lagoon, and this one is an unbelievable blue. It is far from the hotel, you have to cross a stretch of an hour by boat. And when the boat engages, you will be amazed with the amount of sharks! It was tense, but the very experienced sailor was the first to jump in the water, and he was not eaten by sharks. Phew! I gained courage and had a wonderful experience swimming with the largest sharks I had seen in French Polynesia. In an inflatable lifeboat, I followed a few more meters until I reached an indescribable place where I spent the day. My God! Crystal clear waters up to the knees, coconut trees, baby sharks, white sand, and the most bluest sea in the face of the earth and heaven blessed by God! Need anything else? Of course. A good company to enjoy this paradise in style, for at least five days.

I hope this blue inspires your week ahead!

XoXo and see you all next Tuesday!

Claudia Liechavicius

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gravatar Tania Silva
15 de August de 2017 às 5:33 pm

Sentir essa sua empolgação me contagia. Que lugar maravilhoso. Só Não sei se teria coragem de nadar com tubarões,mesmo sendo inofensivos. Como sempre suas fotos São maravilhosas.Beijos.

17 de August de 2017 às 7:37 pm

@Tania Silva, Obrigada, Tânia. Você é sempre muito querida. Beijo

15 de August de 2017 às 7:23 pm

Would love to win this amazing prize 😍

15 de August de 2017 às 7:55 pm

Seus vídeos são fantásticos!! Adoro principalmente os de maquiagens.

15 de August de 2017 às 8:41 pm

U make me happy than I ever thought I could be and if you let me I will spend the rest of my life treating to make you feel the same way. I can’t look at u without smiling I love the way u make me happy

gravatar La Bijoux Bella | by mia
15 de August de 2017 às 9:26 pm

Such a beautiful scenery … so relaxing for the soul! :)

🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

17 de August de 2017 às 7:38 pm

@La Bijoux Bella | by mia, :)

16 de August de 2017 às 12:15 am

Hello Camila?
O want to win😘

gravatar Alessandra Weingartner
16 de August de 2017 às 9:47 am

Que lugar incrível. Adoro mergulhar. Vou pesquisar mais sobre esse lugar. Obrigada pela dica

17 de August de 2017 às 7:39 pm

@Alessandra Weingartner, Alessandra, se precisar de qualquer ajuda é só falar. Beijo

gravatar Akshaya
16 de August de 2017 às 11:38 am

Hi,love from India…I like u so much …am eagerly waiting for the results…this is my first ever participation in giveaways..

gravatar Valdineia Gomes dos Santos
16 de August de 2017 às 2:23 pm


gravatar Franci Pacheco
16 de August de 2017 às 3:26 pm

Todos os lugares que tu mostra, eu fico morrendo de vontade de conhecer… que perfeição, hein

17 de August de 2017 às 7:40 pm

@Franci Pacheco, Esse mundão é lindo, Francis. Minha lista de lugares a conhecer é enorme. rsrsrs Beijo

16 de August de 2017 às 3:50 pm

Hi . I m from pakistan .. I m a big fan of your blogs, YouTube videos and all artistic work you done. Please consider me for the giveaway. Thanks

gravatar Jill
16 de August de 2017 às 7:14 pm



17 de August de 2017 às 8:30 pm

Omg, this place is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I never really heard about French Polynesia, but now i feel like i should go there sometime. Surely to say is on my bucket list!

19 de August de 2017 às 9:36 pm

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7 de September de 2017 às 1:59 pm

Amazing place on earth!

8 de September de 2017 às 1:14 am

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9 de September de 2017 às 5:02 pm

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29 de August de 2018 às 10:30 am

É muito raro hoje passar no primeiro exame de Ordem.

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