6 December 2017

English Video: GRWM Photogenic Work Makeup

My loves!

I noticed how much you guys love it when I do Get Ready With Me videos so I am going to start doing them more often! Today’s GRWM on my English channel is with a makeup that I always do when I have to photograph looks of the day. This is super easy natural/versatile makeup that you can quickly do for a work day. I really hope you like it!


Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Kerastase L’incroyable Blowdry
By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum
Benefit Hoola
Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go
Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
Stylishly Merry
Lancome Grandiose Mascara
Nars Eyelashes
1993 Lip Liner
Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick

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gravatar La Bijoux Bella | by mia
6 de December de 2017 às 2:15 pm

Simple beautiful and gorgeous makeup looks … as always a true beauty! ♥️👍🏼

❄️🎄LA BIJOUX BELLA ❄️🎄 | by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

gravatar Aline
6 de December de 2017 às 2:45 pm

I really like your videos, but the duck face the whole video is such a turn off. I think it’s bad when teenagers do it, but you’re almost thirty! Sorry, I’m not meaning to troll, but I almost turned the video off several times because I could not stand the lip-pursing, so I’m sure at least some others feel the same way. Otherwise, nice video.

gravatar cristina
7 de December de 2017 às 1:46 pm

@Aline, I feel exactly the same! It really bothered me to watch it thru the entire video. Her work quality is amazing, she doesnt need to copy all these silly “makeup gurus” (NOT) that make the silly faces to compensate for the lack of knowledge

gravatar Liliana
11 de December de 2017 às 8:29 pm

I absolutely agree!! I Love you Camila and I have been following you for years but lately I feel like you are taking in some of the super annoying gestures of the silly teenage girls Who are Just starting.. the pouting lips, the repeating of the Word “like” etc, it’s Just beneath you.. Pleeeeease step back a little, I truly Love you you have been my make up guru for a long time, but it’s becoming Hard to watch.. xoxo

6 de December de 2017 às 4:36 pm

Love the look! :)


gravatar Gabriela
6 de December de 2017 às 5:56 pm

Qual blush vc usou?!?

gravatar Rebeca
6 de December de 2017 às 5:58 pm

Oi Camila! Faz favoritos do ano. Beijos

gravatar Sandy
6 de December de 2017 às 6:11 pm

Hi Camila!
Great video!
Can you do a new fitness routine video please?
And what is the brand of your jacket? I think she’s in faux fur, this is a good thing ^-^
Are you ready for Christmas? Your Christmas tree is it ready? :-)
Muitos beijos!

gravatar Nicolita DeSouzita
6 de December de 2017 às 11:48 pm

I love the all natural, gorgeous & glowing look! What a Dame! <3_<3 Eek! Linda Linda!

gravatar Nikky
7 de December de 2017 às 12:21 am

What is the brand of the jeans again? Adico? Is that how it’s spelt? I can’t find it online. Can you please make sure to write down all the products you use. You seem to be dropping a lot of them and only naming a few lately ( imI have been following you for years.) However, it’s getting annoying not to be able to know all the products you use. Thank you!

gravatar cristina
7 de December de 2017 às 1:43 pm

POOOR Favooor!!! Please Camila, it’s so disturbing to watch this video because of the way you continuously push your lips!!! They are big enough, you don’t need to do this! It looks bad, very bad. You have a great personality on your own, please don’t copy all these stupid girls on you tube that make a million faces just because they cant deliver quality work. Please, you know better than this. Please watch your video and see how silly it looks. The make up is gorgeous, but the pushing of the lips….:(

gravatar Priscilla santos
7 de December de 2017 às 9:43 pm

E o blush? Não entrou nos créditos…

gravatar Adriana cedeno
7 de December de 2017 às 10:20 pm

Hi camila, I’m Adriana from Ecuador, the hair iron that you use in the latest video (get ready with me) the pink one, which brand it is? Thanks for your answer! Bye and take care

gravatar RAPHAANNE
7 de December de 2017 às 10:49 pm

Amei o vídeo!!! Você é muito linda e carismática!!!

gravatar Krizia
8 de December de 2017 às 1:03 am

Love the color of lip liner. Its very wearable! What color is that? Need to get ny hands on of that lip liner. Good job on the video camila!

gravatar Fatima
8 de December de 2017 às 10:16 am

Oi Camila. Adorei a make. Qual é essa sombrinha da Mac? Você ainda tem código de desconto na sigma? Obrigada. Bj

gravatar Jordana Botelho
13 de December de 2017 às 8:15 pm

Oi Camila linda! Qual o nome da sombra da Mac?

8 de December de 2017 às 8:32 pm

Love these kind of videos, they are so fun to watch, please do more of them!
Also, love your look in the end…that jacket <3 <3 <3



gravatar Franci Pacheco
19 de December de 2017 às 2:45 pm

arrasou na make

gravatar Dayene
22 de December de 2017 às 5:31 am

Ta linda!
Sigo vc desde inicio e vejo sua evoluçao…parabens gata..
Amei essa sombra lindae os silios 😍.
Camila vc agora numa onda de fazer bico?🤔…ta artificial demais.
Vc nao precisa…fica forçado da agonia!
Beijos gata…
Boas festas de final de ano 😘😘😘

gravatar Karla
2 de March de 2018 às 4:53 pm

Me encantaría saber que sobra utilizase en el párpado móvil para iluminar que increíble color

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