27 July 2018

Tips for applying mascara!

One of the makeup products I can’t live without is the mascara. Even for those days that I do not feel like doing a very elaborate makeup, I end up applying a few layers of mascara and the look changes in a matter of minutes. What I love the most is that it has the power to leave us looking more “awake” and manages to give an UP in the beauty look without much effort, perfect for those days when you are on the go.

On today’s post I came to share with you a few tricks that I use to leave the results of the mascara bolder, check it out:

Truques para aderir no uso da Máscara de Cílios camila coelho3

Many of you may have noticed that the new mascaras never leave the eyelashes with the expected result. The tip for not having to wait weeks until it gets “old” is to let the product bottle open for a day to get to optimal consistency faster, but be careful to never leave more than this time so that it does not dry your mascara.

Truques para aderir no uso da Máscara de Cílios camila coelho3

I always apply 2 different types of mascaras, first I apply one that gives volume, I let it dry and then another that lengthens, for example. This trick is wonderful and makes a big difference, leaving you with doll eyelashes effortlessly. I loveee it!

Truques para aderir no uso da Máscara de Cílios camila coelho3

Cover both sides of the lashes to leave them with an ideal finish! Generally when we are doing the makeup, it can happen that some eyeshadow, powder or even traces of foundation or concealer accumulates below the eyes, so if we apply just on the bottom lashes, we are not left with the expected result. Apply first from top to bottom to remove these debris and then from the bottom up to lift and curl.

Truques para aderir no uso da Máscara de Cílios camila coelho3

For an even prominent look without using eyeshadow or eyeliner, I usually take a bevelled brush, I dip it in the mascara to pick up some product and apply it on the eyelid, where we normally would apply eyeliner but smoking it out. This process is very subtle but it makes a total difference and makes the look even more powerful.

What did you think of the tips?

Share with me your mascara tips on the comments below!

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gravatar Marta Ferreira Gonçalves
27 de July de 2018 às 8:33 pm

Oi Camila. Para mim o rímel é uma coisa imprescindível na maquilhagem e faz toda a diferença mas não arrisco a por muitas camadas porque acho que fica muito pesado, pelo menos nos meus olhos. Mas mesmo assim obrigada pelas dicas. Dão sempre jeito. Muitos beijinhos! Adoro-te!

gravatar Maria da Graça soares
27 de July de 2018 às 8:56 pm

Adoro produtos da mak penas que o valor é um pouco elevado

gravatar Rosana Costal
27 de July de 2018 às 9:37 pm

Camila, adorei as dicas…. valeu… Obrigada.

28 de July de 2018 às 4:58 am

Wow! That’s a great idea- using two mascaras at a time! I love it! ;) I feel like my problem is sometimes the mascara is great but the curl does not stay. Even if I repeatedly curl my lashes beforehand. I think it depends on the mascara, that’s why there are few I use that help my lashes stay curled. Like the Better Than Sex by Too Faced, Loreal Lash Paradise and Maybelline Colossal. For my bottom lashes I like Lancome Definicils :)


28 de July de 2018 às 1:45 pm

Always so beautiful! x


29 de July de 2018 às 7:10 pm

Your so beautiful !! (Mascara is my favorite part of makeup) <3

gravatar Sil
30 de July de 2018 às 12:13 am

Olá, amei as dicas. Duas outras dicas que também ajudam é primeiramente usar o curvex antes de passar a máscara. A segunda dica é passar pó facial nos cílios depois da primeira camada, depois continuar com outras camadas de rímel. Faz toda diferença!!!!

gravatar Franci Pacheco
30 de July de 2018 às 12:27 pm

amei as dicas. Confesso que eu não tenho nenhum truque, só vou aplicando sem medo de ser feliz hahaha

30 de July de 2018 às 2:25 pm

Amei as dicas, sempre úteis! ❤

Jessica | whattostyle.blogspot.com |
Instagram @ what_to_style

30 de July de 2018 às 7:38 pm

Também uso esse truque das duas máscaras e dá muita diferença mesmo ! Amei as dicas do post <3

gravatar Raphaella
2 de August de 2018 às 9:19 am

Bom, eu aplico uma máscara incolor antes do preto, acho que encorpa mais os fios para passar o preto.

gravatar Valentina
2 de August de 2018 às 12:04 pm

Obrigadaaa Camilaaaa!!! Adorei !!! 💖🙌🏻

2 de August de 2018 às 1:16 pm

Aha eu sempre fiz esse truque das 2 máscaras! Aconteceu por acidente e amei o resultado. Boas dicas!

20 de August de 2018 às 9:09 pm

Oi td bem…

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