17 September 2018

Straw Bag for the Winter

I am the type that loves it when an accessory comes out of its common scenario and begins to be seen in moments that are not so obvious. This is the case of the straw bag, which for a long time ceased to be a unique and exclusive beach object and invaded the day-to-day looks of the most discerning women in the world. The fame was so great that this made the big brands begin to produce the most diverse styles and models of the piece, which was previously only found in local shops. But the great trick of style now goes much further: the accessory, which is characteristic of summer, but is much cooler in the winter. The reason? They leave the truism zone.

Bolsa de Palha no Inverno camila coelho blog2

The trick is simple and obvious, do not be afraid to wear your model with a winter look. The straw bag brings a highlight, a mixture of interesting prints and textures with winter fabrics such as velvet and leather. Not to mention that it can give that boring look a clean and fresh touch of color. Check out some beautiful inspirations I found on the internet:

Bolsa de Palha no Inverno camila coelho blog

No matter if your style is more classic or laid back, this is that kind of versatile and cool accessory that will give an effortlessly OOMPH in any ensemble.

What did you think of the tip?

Photos: Pinterest

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18 de September de 2018 às 5:08 am

Love this trend! x


18 de September de 2018 às 8:36 am

Adorei a tendência! Será que a moda pega aqui no Brasil? Seria bom já que nosso inverno não é tão inverno, da pra aproveitar bastante!

gravatar Daniele Van Lume
18 de September de 2018 às 6:20 pm

Lindos looks! Finos! Cool!

18 de September de 2018 às 6:53 pm

This is amazing

gravatar Suzana
18 de September de 2018 às 10:43 pm

Adorei a dica, adoro bolsa de palha

19 de September de 2018 às 4:39 am

Hi babe! Do u have an english version of this??

gravatar Marcela
19 de September de 2018 às 10:59 am

Lindo post! Acompanho a Camila sempre .
Sobre as Bolsas de Palha eu vi em http://bit.ly/2MLOQeD faz alguns dias já pedi a minha é simplesmente maravilhosa são mais de 24 modelos .
Recomendo meninas .

20 de September de 2018 às 6:26 pm

Adorei essa tentência! Esse estilo despojado e criativo tem tudo a ver com o que a gente faz :)

gravatar Franci Pacheco
21 de September de 2018 às 2:05 pm

não consigo olhar para esse acessório e incluir no meu dia a dia

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