5 July 2017

From the Runway to StreetStyle: Wide Leg Trousers

“Go big or go home”​ ​was the sentence that I read during international fashion week at the beginning of this year, to strengthen the use of large models, mainly of pants. The attention is all in the shapes of wide and long legs. Among the many models, the wide leg pants, which was a hit in…

3 July 2017

Look: Maxi Vest and Embroidered Jeans

My loves, I am back in my favorite city!!! This time I came for a job/project with Lancome (you will freak out when I share the details – I will do another post!) and I am also here for the Haute Couture week, which is the most glam of all! For those who don’t know, what characterizes Haute Couture is…

30 June 2017


My loves, Today’s video on my Portuguese channel was so fun to record! My friend Cintia and I did the TAG “Kiss, Marry, Kill”! I have already done this TAG on my English channel so if you havent seen it yet, click here to check it out! I really hope you like it!

29 June 2017

Braid inspirations to invest on!

Year in, year out and they never go out of fashion, they are only reinvented! The braids are my favorite when it’s time to switch up the look and I always invest in them (I think you have already realized it, right?! Haha). I decided to create this post to show to you that this is the grace…

28 June 2017

English Video: May/June Unboxing Haul

My loves! Today’s video on my English channel is showing you the new launches I received in the mail during the last weeks of May and beginning of June. If there is anything you would like a full review on, let me know on the comments below!

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