18 September 2018

#TravelTips: JALAPÃO

One of the secret paradises of Brazil has a strange name: JALAPÃO. Do you have any idea where that name came from? It’s a curious story. “Jalapa” is a native potato from Tocantins used for medicinal purposes by quilombolas since they settled in the region. But, to such a potato, it is also usually placed…

17 September 2018

Straw Bag for the Winter

I am the type that loves it when an accessory comes out of its common scenario and begins to be seen in moments that are not so obvious. This is the case of the straw bag, which for a long time ceased to be a unique and exclusive beach object and invaded the day-to-day looks…

14 September 2018

Bella Hadid Makeup

My loves! You guys love it when I do celebrity inspired makeup tutorials, so today’s video on my Portuguese channel is inspired on Bella Hadid. I saw this daring yellow makeup that she wore, and I fell in love! Colorful makeup is coming back at force! You guys will see me creating a lot of…

12 September 2018

Look of the Day: Versatile & Practical

For today’s look, I matched this earthy tone cotton blouse with a pair of jeans, my favorite piece to wear on a daily basis. There is nothing more practical and versatile and so I often leave the highlight for the accessories. In the case of this ensemble, the highlight was the beautiful Coach purse from…

11 September 2018

English Video: September Unboxing Haul

Babes! Today’s video on my English channel is to show you the new products launches that I received in the mail during the end of August and beginning of September. Like always, if there is anything you would like a full review on, let me know on the comments below! 

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