27 January 2017

Tour: Beauty “Closet” (products I receive from brands)

My loves, I am super excited about today’s video on my English channel. The questions that I receive the most when I do unboxing videos are “where does everything you receive go?” “are you able to use everything?” “do you donate anything” and so forth. So, today’s video is to answer all of your doubts…

26 January 2017

From the Runway to StreetStyle: Lace-Up Neckline

The lace-up neckline emerges as one of the main fashion bets for summer 2017, offering possibilities ranging from sexy to laid back. The effect is capable of bringing the focus to the neck and leaving any ensemble more feminine, as worn by Camila Coelho in two different styles. At first, the trend appears as a styling trick to soften…

25 January 2017

My Anguilla Looks

From Noronha to Anguilla!!! Yes, after New Years in Fernando de Noronha (Brazil), I traveled for work with Revolve and the destination was Anguilla, a perfect island which I had already visited before -a total paradise! The experience was amazing, with Revolve it’s always a lot of fun, right?! It was 7 days of experiences and many looks –…

25 January 2017

#TravelTips: The Incredible Yosemite Park in Winter

Hello everyone! Na semana passada contei para vocês que meu próximo destino era a Califórnia. Lembram? Pois aqui estou e a dica de hoje vai para quem curte a natureza, gosta de viajar em baixa temporada e ama o frio. Vou contar para vocês como é o espetacular Yosemite Park. Cheguei ao parque vindo de…

24 January 2017

7 Tips to make your Makeup last everyday while on a Tropical Vacation

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have to stay with a bare face if you really enjoy wearing makeup, don’t you agree?  There is nothing better than to wear fresh looks and take advantage of the heat to enjoy your getaway!  However our biggest and realest challenge is to keep our makeup intact during this…

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