Hi ladies,

Do you recall when I challenged you all with this post and what colors I was wearing? Let’s see how well you guys know me! Haha

To show how much colors  an outfit can really influence and say a lot about us, Dove has created an  APP to show which emotions and feelings your look of the day can convey. This is how it works, you upload a full body length picture, choose the colors you want, and a beautiful picture of how your look was transpired will appear in your photo library. I have already tried it out, look how cool it came out!


This app was brought by Dove Invisible Dry, which is invisible* in 100 colors of clothing, not just in black and white. The cool thing is that you can chose a picture from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram, its quick and easy and super fun!



Skirt & Top: Zara / Purse: Louis Vuitton / Shoes: Saint Laurent

Did you ladies like it??