My loves!

My days here in Rio de Janeiro have been wonderful. I really loved participating in the fashion Rio Fhits meet ups, now I want to be able to participate every year!  It was a really busy work week, but extremely fun. Taking advantage of being in Rio, I recorded a video with the super hot blogger  Helena Lunardelli (from Blog Do jeito H“) who is also a pro in doing makeups. Since we had already announced on social networks, we recorded this first video answering most commonly asked questions about tricks and little beauty secrets!The video came out really spontaneous and fun full of awesome tips. I realllyyyyy hope you girls like it!


I know you all have been missing tutorials, since I ended up staying longer in Brasil. I didn’t have a chance to record a lot, but next Friday I am going to put together a really special and beautiful tutorial for all of you! (I’ll be home soon)