Hey loves!

Today’s vlog was very personal, practically a day with me! Haha When I am at home my daily routine is varied.  It ends up that every day there is something different to do, but of course certain things turns into routine like posting on the blog, for example. Today’s vlog I recorded on last Wednesday, it was a normal work day. After my responsibilities with the blog were done in the morning, I got ready to go shoot looks of the day. In addition, I went to the drug store and later to the salon to do my nails. I really hope you like it, loves

I really like these kinds of videos, really personal. If you want, I can continue recording them to show my morning, night, recordings at home, lunch, meetings, and gym routines and what I do during the day. I can also include days in which I am traveling; I would love to show my crazy busy routine haha. Leave me some suggestions below!

X0Xo and have a great blessed weekend to all!