We, fans of Cami, are able to realize, through many of her looks, that the military style shows up quite frequently in her ensembles. We have selected the one below because it’s an interesting mix of trends and styles that is neither grotesque nor basic/simple! Let’s take a look: The green parka with pockets and embroidery applications is the key piece for the military trend, however, overruled by the printed black and white top (with “paparazzi face”) it brought upon a very urban style. Now as for the short skirt with a slight godet, a small purse to the side, and tie-up sandals, this look brought a more feminine and sensual side – breaking the norm.  The look is finalized by a maxi gothic cross necklace and aviator sunglasses! Soo, did you like this analysis? Check out more details below!!!

 photo AnalisedolookdaCami-Militar_zps5b539948.jpg

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