Valentine’s Day in Brazil is right around the corner and that doubt in what to buy for a gift is always in mind! The tip that I usually give is, seek to know, through questions “indirect”, or even questioning closest friends, of what he or she is really in need. When thinking of clothing, I have separated the top trends of this winter that will certainly hit bull’s eye for a gift. The fist trend is plaid that compose perfect winter outfits and in which you can complement with basic jeans or a great pair of shoes! The second option is to invest in jeans – very practical and easy to choose from. As a complement, I would choose a nice belt for him or nice accessories for her. Lastly, I separated the trend according to color, burgundy, although we have heard about it here on the blog; I think it is definitely worth wearing it during the winter time, it’s a color that is here to stay. This color is very elegant, and a piece of garment in this tone is the right way to go. All you need now is a nice card with lots of love!

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