I love doing posts about lipstick, because it is a simple product (to use) joyful and fun, that has the power of changing any look. I am always on the hunt for new colors, finish and textures. Last week, I received as gifts 4  Lorac beauties, lipsticks from the “Alter Ego” collection that are simply divine. Check out the beautiful colors below:

The JET SETTER was my favorite from the get-go, an incredible fuchsia pink that spices up any makeup and highlights most skin tones. In spite of the “darker” tone, it can still be very versatile, almost like a red! Love it.

Skin Tone: All. (On dark skin its looks incredibleeeee)

Lorac lips2

The  FREE SPIRIT is a marvelous light purple, that reminds me a lot of Up The Amp by Mac that has been one of my favorites. This lipstick with cat eyes and well done skin coverage is perfection. It sends out a powerful and bold look, you know?! LOVE IT!

Skin Tone: Looks good on all skin tones! On lighter skin it looks even more vibrant, and on darker skin it looks more natural

Lorac lips3

The SEX KITTEN is a light pink but extremely vibrant. I must confess that on my skin tone (light dark) it doesn’t really look that good…this color would be ideal for a lighter skin tone. Check it out.

Skin Tone: Looks better on lighter skin.

Lorac lips4

The SHOW GIRL is a beautiful coral and super vibrant. For the swatch, I applied it with my fingers to show how the color can be lightweight and wearable for the day-to-day. It is kind of like a lip stain you know?! Take a look.

Skin tone: All

Lorac lips6

All of the lipsticks from the Alter Ego line have a matte finish (opaque) with high pigmentation. However, the cool thing is that you are able to control the intensity of the color by applying more layers.


Now tell me, which color did you like the most?! [love]