My dear ladies!!!

It is with great joy and excitement that I write this post today! For those who follow me on social networks probably already saw me sharing the news, but I came to tell you all the details here on the blog, of course!!! YES, now I have my own nail polish collection, with YNC! The first of many to come, God willing! I am very happy, and thank God everyday for blessing me so much and by giving me so many wonderful things. But I cannot forget to thank my readers, Super Vaidosas who support me every day making it all happen! Somehow you are part of each one of my conquests and I am very grateful for that.

Nail Polish has everything to do with the blog, always made presence in weekly posts… after all, are there any girls that don’t like it? haha Doing our nails every week is part of our “ritual” of beauty right?! =) This very first Camila Coelho collection was born with 4 beautiful colors, special Spring/Summer! I chose each color with great care and affection, I had severalllll ideas and colors in mind, but these first 4 are the ones that have more to do with me in this new season! I reallyyyy hope that you enjoy them! The quality is exactly what I wanted (The YNC nail polishes are made with particles of rough diamonds, leaving the nails stronger and with more shine), consistent, long-lasting, thicker brush, everything the way I dreamed!

YNC colection

The four colors are:

Tropical Salmon: Delicate Salmon/coral, which gives the appearance of lightness to the nails.

Forever Pink:  A strong pink, which calls attention for being so bold.

Blue Jade: A “Tiffany” blue, which brings all the elegance and luxury of the most famous jewelry brand in the world, and the color that, represents the campaign!

Purple Dream: Purple with a darker tone. Inspired by the Amethyst, which symbolizes meditation and tranquility.

I’m going to show all the colors up close, in pictures by “Nail Polish of the Week” as of today, and a video too! I will do design tutorials with Lucinha (my top manicurist) to show different ways to use the Camila Coelho’s nail polishes! Stay tuned!!!!


This week’s color was Tropical Salmon, one of my favorites from the collection! I am going to debut it at New York’s fashion week. I chose the Tropical Salmon for being a soft and sophisticated color, which will match with all my looks for fashion week! Check out how beautiful!



Sale Locations in Brazil (until now):

Fixed Stores:

-Pink Casa da Manicure (Loja de Esmaltes)

Online Sale:

– E-commerce of Yenzah (

I am going to create posts of the most beautiful nails of the month and will be posting them here on the blog! If you wear the Camila Coelho nail polishes, hashtag #CamilaCoelhoNailPolish on instagram or facebook, that way I can see!