Platform sandals, metallic tones, fluorescent colors, and lots of glitter – is what we will be seeing soon! The trend clubber that is a development that has been a success in the 80’s, had its “boom” at the end of the 1990’s – season in which the younger crowd were grouped according to their “tribes”.

The clubbers are passionate about electronic music, therefore, great patrons of “rave parties” – those that last up to half of the next day! Vinyl clothing, piercings, tattoos, funky colorful hair and neon color makeup are some of its characteristics – they don’t care about both the esthetics and combinations, but with the whole production results, they want to stand out in the darkness of a great party! The accessories also have an important role, and are almost always large and fluorescent, to stand out in nightclubs by black light!

Is there such tribe more innovative than the Clubbers? They create their own fashion and are creative people and influence styles. If you also love creating something new and mixing outfits, then take part of the tribe!

 photo parte2clu_zpsa39aa6f5.jpg

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