As you may know October is a super special month because it is the month of the campaign of the Fight Against Breast Cancer, I really support Think Pink movement and our super partner here on blog as well. Le Postiche joined the movement and launched one more complete Giovanna Antonelli collection, which bring beautiful handbags, with the main trends of fashion and a complete set of travel, all in the spirit of Think Pink. I was enchanted with each product, check out how beautiful they are:

It doesn’t stop here, during this campaign, part of the sale of certain products, which shall be identified by a pink ribbon, will be reverted by the Handkerchiefs of Solidarity Project.

For those who don’t know, the handkerchief of Solidarity is a beautiful project of Vânia Castanheira, Portuguese journalist, rooted in Brazil 10 years ago. Vânia has a beautiful story, she overcame cancer and during her treatment she felt the need to create a channel of communication with other women who were in the same situation, dividing anguish, tips for well being, makeup to wear during the treatment of chemo, and various themes. This project began in a very informal way, such as a diary, but Vânia began to realize the importance of maintaining the self-esteem during the treatment of the disease, and by loving wearing the handkerchiefs, she began to ask for donation of scarves through the blog, so that she could give to patients in hospitals. In addition to donating, she taught several beautiful ways of wearing them. Today she offers lectures and told her story in a book that launched last year and is already a success.

Outubro Rosa

To support this cause, Le Postiche will donate part of its sales of scarves so that Vania can continue donating and making many women very happy. Vania and I will have great news for you all very soon. Stay tuned.

I love taking part of such an incredible and beautiful project as this one.