Beautiful ladies!

I am super excited about today’s video! Remember that I promised that I would record a super special VLOG showing my routine during the busy days of fashion week?! That is how the idea of #VidaDeBlogueira came about, a vlog/reality of my routine and rush to work. It will be 3 episodes of SPFW, which happened at the beginning of this month, and if you really love it, the intention will be recorded always, not only in SPFW, but also in all the weeks of international fashion, special events and even my routine when I am at home! I want suggestions also; share with me what you liked and what you would like to see that I did not show. Routine and “real life” is the theme most requested today on blog, and so I was already super excited to bring the first episode on air! I hope you enjoy! Let’s check it out?





What did you think, loves?!

Stay tuned because there is more to come next week!

XOXO and have a beautiful weekend.