Beautiful ladies!

We are already in the Christmas spirit right?! Here at home we are still in the process of organizing everything but we are in the holiday spirit and today I nam going to state my Christmas decoration (which I love!). Since Christmas is right around the corner, I had the idea of showing you on today’s post some makeup ideas to match with your look for the night of Christmas. I chose 5 beautiful makeups that I have created in the past, some recent and some older that I think could b ideal for this special night! I believe most of you already have an outfit in mind right?! However, when the day finally comes, we have the doubt of which makeup should I wear? Which lipstick will look better? I wonder if this makeup will match my outfit? And so forth (haha) Check out my suggestions below.

The first option is my favorite! A very classic style of makeup for Christmas with red lipstick and neutral eye shadows; super lady-like and daring!

Best outfit colors: Red, gold, burdundy, prints with red backgrounds, and black!!

The second option is a super feminine makeup with bold lips. A beautiful and young option for Christmas.

Best outfit colors: Pink, Purple, floral, black, Blue, and metallic silver. 

The third option is a super Glamorous makeup with eyes full of glitter! The main focus are the eyes with nude lipstick! A very versatile makeup that matches almost any outfit colors, but for this one, the look cannot be casual!

Best outfit colorsGold, Nude, red, burgundy, black, orange/Coral, blue, green.

The fourth option is a also glam, a beautiful option with silver glitter and light pink lipstick.

Best outfit colors:  Silver, black, pink, white, purple/lilac, and blue.  

The last option is very chic and sophisticated with brown smokey and burgundy lipstick! Stunning!

Best outfit colors:  Burgundy, black, gold, and copper. 

What did you think? !Gostaram?!

For those who did not see, I have created the Christmas tutorial for this year, which will look incredible with a super chick black, gold, burgundy or purple outfit! If you haven’t yet seen, check it out below!