Silver eye shadow reminds me of New Years! I end up wearing this color during this time of year, because it is a shade that is festive and bright, which matches with the vibe of the New Year’s Eve. With this in mind I have selected various makeups of celebrities with this eye shadow color. Let’s check it out!

To start off Emma Stone with silver in the center of the eyes, black corner on the external and internal. On the lips she wears a mauve tone and peach blush on the cheeks.

 photo make-prata-03_zps87bcb7fe.jpg

Jennifer Hudson wears beautiful cat eyes with silver up until the middle and black toward the outer corner of the eyes. She wears nude lipstick and illuminator and bronzing powder for her skin.

 photo make-prata-04_zps7fdd1bda.jpg

This makeup of Nina Dobrev follows the same style cat eyes of Jennifer’s (which accompanies the fold of the eye).  The difference is that the top has only black. At the bottom we see the silver. The result is glam and chic at the same time! I loved it.

 photo make-prata-02_zps67a6ba0f.jpg

Taylor Swift loves silver shadows, this makeup she wore the tone on the internal corner combining with a gray opaque eyelid (concave) and navy blue outlined. On lips and cheeks a gentle tone of candy pink.

 photo make-prata-05_zpsb9698fc8.jpg

Kristen Stewart is wearing classic Smokey eyes with silver shadows, blended with brown and black. The differential is this bluish green on the water line. Interesting, right? For her cheeks, she wears pink blush and a pearly pink/peach on the lips.

 Do you also enjoy silver eye shadows for New Year’s Eve?

I want to wish everyone a wonderful 2015 full of good things and many stunning makeups, of course hehe! XoXo