Ariana Grande is the focus of today’s post.  The singer has a style that I call retro glam. It is trendy but carries a vintage feel with liner and smokey concave. Ariana usually keeps the same style of makeup, only varying colors, especially lipsticks. Check it out:

To start off a basic neutral, since she is really young, this makeup looks really well on her. For her eyes, brown shadow blended with pencil of the same shade (only a bit darker!) contouring the region close to the upper and lower eyelashes. Finally, for the lips, a nude matte with a slight touch of pink. Lastly, bronzing powder and highlighter for her skin.

 photo ariana-make-03_zps33279a56.jpg

This makeup follows the same style as the previous one up top, the only differece is that instead of the brown pencil, black eyeliner was used. A warm mauve tone of lipstick was used for her lips.

 photo ariana-make-02_zps7b667716.jpg

For this makeup, a brownish orange blend on the concave was applied.  A bolder black cat eye although the black used is a bit lighter toward a coffee brown shade. Bold burgundy for her lips.

 photo ariana-make-04_zps62c3413e.jpg

More color was used when creating this makeup. We have lilac on the mobile lid combined with a chocolate brown tone.   A grape shade for her lips and a combo of bronzing powder and highlighter for her skin.

 photo ariana-make-01_zps0b89f8d7.jpg

We see more purple on this one, but this time on her lips similar to the Heroine and Violetta by MAC. Camila created a tutorial inspired on this makeup, remember? Copper and brown eyeshadow with black liner.

 photo ariana-make_zps3ce8cbc4.jpg

This makeup is similar to the one up top, the only difference is the lipstick.  Instead of the purple, we have a mauve color “Kylie Jenner” style.

 photo ariana-make-06_zps2d877d49.jpg

Lastly, a makeup she used for the In Style shoot. Bold cat eyes with brown eye shadow and a mauve/greyish shade of lipstick. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

So, did you like Ariana’s makeups? She is such a cutie with those dimples!