What woman doesn’t love a new makeup launch?!  I’m sure that all you girly girls love it, including myself!!! haha Today I have news to share! (Yayyy) Natura Una launched new Six eye shadow palettes and liquid liner pens! I loved it and I am sure that you will as well.

First I will talk about the new Six eye shadow palettes, which in addition to being versatile, they are super convenient to carry in a purse. Developed with new technology, the formula provides a bright finish and offers a silky touch which is gentle to the skin. The palettes have pearlescent particles that offer high shimmer and transfer of color, right on the first application. Matte and metallic colors enabling multiple effects in the makeup. The Pigmentation is perfect!!! Check out the swatches below. (The palettes in blue tones deserves a tutorial soon!)

4 natura ciclo 4 copy

2 natura ciclo 4 copy

The new colors of the liquid liners in pen have a formula that brings high pigmentation giving an intense color. The format and fine tip allows easy application. Moreover it dies super fast!!! Love it!1 Natura Ciclo 4 copy

What did you think of the news?! Which palette should I use for my first tutorial?