Hi ladies!

Natura Una has launched products that I’m loving, the technology and durability are amazing, and when I saw the brand’s new mascaras, I just had to test them. You know how much I love to apply plenty mascara on the eyelashes to leave the look bolder right?! In this case, I love them so much that I decided to to do a review for you.

There are four mascaras each with its own functions and versions: two ULTRA VOLUME mascaras, one is washable and the other water proof, and two ULTRA LENGTHENING mascaras, also in versions washable and waterproof. I tested each one for you to have an idea.

ULTRA VOLUME (washable and waterproof)

natura volume 4

This mascara contains special particles that fulfill the eyelashes, fulfilling its role of providing volume immediately. What I like the most about it is that its super black and both have a long lasting effect of up to 12 hours. The trick is to apply two layers, leaving the eyelashes beautiful and defined!

natura volume2 OK

The washable version gives up to 123% more volumes with the second layer, the water proof leaves 106% more volume and has an unique formula with films that contribute both to the volume, as well as the adherence of the mascara on the lashes.

ULTRA LENGTHENING (washable and waterproof)

natura alongadora3

For those who have shorter eyelashes, this mascara is perfect for you! It defines the eyelashes and doesn’t let the hairs stick together. They also last up to 12 hours and are super black, and the best is that leaves you with an intense and expressive look.

natura alongamento2 OK

The washable version has a more fluid formula, now the waterproof, comes with a unique formula and hydrophobic waxes that secure the pigmentation and it REALLY does not come off with water.

In addition to testing the two separate versions, I also did a mixture with the two, first applying the Ultra Lengthening and then the Ultra Volume, that’s when I fell in love, my eyelashes were giant and with the volume in the right quantity. Take a look:

natura volume e alongamento OK
Wha do you think ladies?