Zendaya is incredibly stunning. The actress and singer who was revealed in Shake It Up (a funny comedy from the Disney Channel) has appeared in events with unique styles and makes amazing makeups. Take a look:

For this makeup, we see a super smokey with brown tones, nude lips, bronzed and highlighted skin.

 photo zendaya-makeup-01_zps8misktvk.jpg

Highlighted skin is one of Zendaya’s strong points in makeup. For this makeup, she has highlighted skin, nude lips, and smokey brown with black cat eyes.

 photo zendaya-makeup-05_zpslccnmft3.jpg

This is a very beautiful makeup with brown smokey, black eyelids with a silver tone along the lower lashes.  For her lips, she wore a peach nude, and once again bronzer and highlighter for her skin.

 photo zendaya-makeup-07_zpszqhnem9w.jpg

Zendaya wore a dramatic makeup for this look with brown smokey cat eyes and gold along the lower eyelashes. For her lips, a pinkish nude gloss.

 photo zendaya-makeup-04_zpsg8ghs4zq.jpg

So modern with ombre brown and pearly nude lips. Black and brown smokey for her eyes and a touch of old gold.

 photo zendaya-makeup-06_zpsnmy3l5gs.jpg

To finalize, classic eyes with a brown and gold smokey. Brown contouring her lips with a caramel nude in the center.

Her makeups are very similar to Camila’s aren’t they? A tutorial is a must! haha I vote on the second makeup, how about you?