Hi ladies!

Today’s post is to tell you that Natura’s third webserie: Movimento Maquiagem (The makeup movement)  has been launched – to check it out, click here.

It is very special because you guys are the ones who choose the look that I am going to wear. In the the movie, I get ready for three different occasions, and in each one I wear a makeup that brings me back to the chosen event. This type of video is completely innovative and it was great recording it, but at the same time it is super challenging because the looks have different proposals.

In each look I use a makeup from Natura’s line: the first one is from Aquarela, great for more contemporary and cool events. I used the new shadow mono, which has 14 different colors ranging from mattes and shimmery, and the best is that they all are long lasting which we can stay beautiful throughout the whole day.

I then used Natura Una’s products, which are products with great technology and are super sophisticated, such as a romantic dinner. For this film, I used the ultra pigment shadow that has a technology called Matrix which is so incredible that the color is already intense from the first application. The cool thing is that the texture is creamy and super easy to apply and blend, it looks PERFECT!

Finally, for the last event, I used Faces. An amazing product from this line are the lipsticks. It comes in various colors with several different finishes including matte which I loveeee.

I wanna know which one was your favorite look?!