“Feminine and urban”, this is how I define my collection for Morena Rosa – the first of three. I chose  70’s pieces in a selection of modern and casual jeans, like the summer in Brazil. Ahhh, I was so happy with the result!

Nas araras, shapes inspirados no MEU closet e lifestyle – uma mulher moderna que ama moda! A coleção traz peças de apelo jovem, fáceis de serem combinadas entre si. Uma das minhas propostas foi justamente uma coleção completa, perfeita para alimentar as malas de viagens das vaidosas que adoram correr o Brasil e o mundo durante as férias.

On the hangers, shapes inspired on MY closet and lifestyle – a modern woman who loves fashion! The collection brings young styles, easy to match with each other. One of my proposals was precisely a complete collection, perfect for a women’s travel bag that love exploring the world during a vacation.

Check out the looks I put together for the campaign – keeping in mind that many pieces can be worn with each other in different ensembles, because the whole collection fits well together. I am loving that fact that you ladies are already rocking the looks (#CamilaCoelhoeMorenaRosa).









As you can see, we have shirts and flowy tops (which I loveeee), suede pieces, leather high waisted skirts, short pants, midi skirts and even a light knit dress, all perfect for the hot season. Iconic is also the unique print drawn up by the design team with a touch of my style (haha), a sassy floral combined with an intense graphical pattern, which refreshes the seventies mood that dominates the season. Finally, the collection is SO ME and just the way I imagined it to be!  But it doesn’t end here!!! There are so much more to come!

The collection was photographed by the amazing Zee Nunes, with Pedro Sales styling and makeup by Rodrigo Costa! I love this team!