You all know how much I love making posts about nails, nail polish that I am wearing and loving and also everything new that appears in this universe. For this reason today came show a surprising tend, and let just say, quite different, which emerged in South Korea – the shattered nails. The idea started with cellophane paper which reflect giving the impression of precious stones, and from there on some local brands have started to create their own adhesives.

I think the idea is very different and innovative, yet I can only imagine how much work it might be when glueing these adhesives to the nails. Haha. For girls who like nail art, it is worth checking out the instagram of the Korean Salon who created this trend – Unistella.

2 Shattered Nails Unhas Quebradas sao Tendencia camila coelho

The idea is to only wear it on one finger or the whole hand, I think I would first try it on only one finger. Haha. What about you ladies?