I am always getting questions of how I take care of my hair and what do I do to keep it healthy, soft and shiny! I’ll confess, with my crazy travel routine, many shoots and campaigns, my hair gets super unmanageable – it’s curling irons, straighteners, brushes, and so forth. So I really need to have a certain degree of caution with my strands to keep them healthy and looking beautiful!

I have already told to you several times that there was a time in my life where my hair was super thin and wouldn’t grow. I then started doing a hair mask at home every week, thats when my hair had a dramatic change!  Since then, I always have a great restorative mask with me, it is in my bathroom or in any hotel (I don’t travel without it, because it really helps keep my strands hydrated) – and my favorite at the moment has been the Hair Remedy by Cadiveu, a mask that acts like a little medicine for the hair, because it does wonders to my strands … and everyone around the world who has used it before, says the same thing! It’s amazingggg!

But of course, once in a while the hair asks for a stronger hydration, and that’s when I go to a salon! So today’s video is to show you how I hydrate my hair with a professional! Check out the entire process in the video below!!!  I really hope you enjoy it!

What did you think?!