How are your preparations to enjoy the end of the year? I’m already super excited and planning sooo much rest days and of course some fun times, right?! haha  And to help you prepare, today I have brought you some tips from a partner of the blog who accompanied me in practically all my trips: Le Postiche.

You all know that I love the brand’s products, but my favorites are the suitcases. When it comes to traveling, it is super important to have durable suitcases that will not break throughout the trip. Since I travel soooo much, mainly for work, I need suitcases that can withstand the toss and turns it gets in the plane and the luggages from Le Postiche are great!

In addition to super being super stylish, they have wheels that turn a full 360˚- which helps a lot when walking through the airport. They are super resistant, they have antitheft zippers that prevents the tampering of the suitcase and are super secure. Moreover, Le Postiche also has beautiful makeup bags in several colors and styles.

I have put together my favorites for you to check out:

What did you think?!