Today I brought you some new year’s eve inspirations, I’ve already done a super glam and beautiful tutorial check it out here . However, since I know everyone has different styles, I decided to whip up this post with several make styles for you to choose from.  After when it comes to makeup, the key is to be creative, especially for a grand night like New Year’s, don’t you think?! Take a look:

inspiracoes de maquiagem para o ano novo camila coelho

Super highlighted skin plus a shimmer eyeshadow are the perfect combo for this day. Not only it is super easy to create but can also be done quickly.  This type of makeup is perfect for those who plan on spending new years at a beach party. If you want a bit more glamour, add a thing cat eye liner, it will look beautiful.

inspiracoes de maquiagem para o ano novo camila coelho cores

Want your total white look with a little more glitz? An idea that I love is investing in colorful eyeshadows for your makeup. In addition to being super different from what you are used to wearing throughout the year, this type of makeup highlights the eyes.   For even more glam, use a liner along your waterline in a color that matches your eyeshadows, it’ll look INCREDIBLE!

inspiracoes de maquiagem para o ano novo camila smokey

Of course I had to include a dramatic smokey eye to the list, right? You know that this is the type of makeup that I love the most! It is great because it matches with any occasion, its beautiful and super glamourous. Always remember to leave the eyes well blended to create the desired effect. Tip: choose a nude or lighter lipstick or gloss.

inspiracoes de maquiagem para o ano novo camila coelho batom

If you do not want to spend a long time doing your makeup, give focus to your skin, apply lots of mascara, add false lashes, and lastly a colorful lipstick.  In addition to be super natural, the lipstick will give a touch of color to your look.  Tip: Choose a liquid lipsticks that turns matte, because the pigmentation is great and it lasts for hours on your lips so you don’t have to keep re-applying it.

Which one are you more likely to wear? Would you like a tutorial of any of these?