In today’s post I brought some easy makeup tricks and tips that makes all the difference.  After all, not only do I  love learning new tips when it comes to doing my makeup, but its always helpful to learn new tricks that will leave your makeup with a more professional finish, so I decided to share them with you. Check it out:

– the first tip is one that I always do: use concealer to also highlight! The trick here is to have two different shades, one that is exactly your skin tone and the other 1 shade lighter. Thus you can cover all imperfections first and then apply the lighter concealer in a inverted triangle form underneath your eyes to conceal your dark circlers. Finish it off with a beauty blender. This is the trick is used by the Kardashians for that impeccable and highlighted makeup. This trick leaves you looking super health and fabulous!

– the second trick is to achieve fuller lips using makeup.  When I want to leave my lips fuller, I over line them first.  Be careful not to over line them too much leaving them looking exaggerated and artificial. After lining them, I then apply  the same color lipstick or 1 shade lighter and use a highlighter above my cupids bow (that V we have on our upper lip) to create the illusion of larger lips. It will look beautiful and sexy!

– it’s not every day that we want to apply false lashes, right?! So when I want my lashes long and voluminous, I use two tricks that help soooo much. First I apply a thin layer along my lash line and blend it for depth and a softer finish. I then apply one coat of my favorite mascara, I let it dry and apply another coat with a mascara that is intended for volume or length. On this second coat, I concentrate on the lips of my lashes to give the impression that they are super long. It works so well and the end result is amazing!

– the trend now is to leave our eyebrows super defined and to achieve this I use a trick that leaves them with a beautiful arch: after filling in the eyebrows I apply a creamy concealer in the shade of my skin tone below and above the eyebrows to leave them well defined and with a beautiful format.  To achieve even better results, I use a small yet firm brush so that it’s easier to work with and will give me more control. It makes all the difference!

– You all know how obsessed I am with nose contouring, right?! I can’t live without it! Haha. However, another trick that I use after contouring is to highlight the tip of my nose giving the impression that its smaller and with that super cute barbie elevated tip! Haha. Trust me, it’ll look great!

– Everyone knows that makeup remover wipes are awesome but I also use them to finalize my eyeshadows for a more crisp and professional finish! The trick is: After applying the shadows and creating that smokey eye, I grab a makeup wipe and drag it upward from the lower outer lashes towards my eyebrows (the same direction in which the liner goes when creating cat eyes). I finalize by applying concealer to clean it up even more.

These were the tips and tricks that I always use when I’m doing my makeup. What did you think? Let me know what are your tricks on the comments below!