Taking care of your hair is not always an easy task, I must confess that sometimes I get lazy and dont give my strands the attention that it needs.  That’s why today I have listed some basic tips of how to maintain healthy hair in super easy ways that will make a huge difference to the strands. Check it out:

– It may seem strange but it is proven that washing your hair every day is bad for the strands. As the shampoo has high pH levels that cause dryness, therefore it is advisable to wash it only 2 or 3 times per week. A good tip when washing is to mix the shampoo with the same amount of water, and apply only to your scalp, never on the ends!

– heat protector is also our ally when maintaining our strands healthy. I believe that most of you dry your hair every day, even if it is just to shape your bangs, right?! Therefore, always apply a thermal protector of your preference, so your strands do not come in direct contact with the heat of the dryer, flat iron or curling wand. My favorite is from the Acai collection by Cadiveu, not only does it protect the strands but also leaves it with a beautiful shine!

– Not only does washing your hair in the correct way make a total difference, styling also plays a huge role! Many brushes tend to break our strands without us noticing, therefore, it’s worth investing a little more in brushes that help to detangle, without breaking. One that I love is the Tangle Teezer, its  great and does not break our strands.

– Our hair does not stay healthy without a good hydration every 15 days!  So whenever I need to give a boost in my mask, I mix a teaspoon of Bepantol DERMA Solution! It makes a big difference leaves my hair super soft. Two masks that I love are the Hair Remedy Cadiveu and Silicon Mix.

What did you think of the tips, ladies?

I have already done two videos (one on my  português channel and another on my English), talking about my new hair and all products that I have been using to keep it with lots of shine and volume. I will put up a video soon showing how I blowdry my new short hair! I am absolutely in love with this length! Haha.