A Volta do Gloss Labial camila coelho blog2

This is perhaps a beauty trend that the matte lipstick lovers will have a certain difficulty to get used to, but if you are a makeup fan, you may have already seen that the lip gloss is back with full force. It returned to the current scenario last year and now in 2017 has made a lot of people “retire” the mattes and adhere to glossy lips. I must confess that in the beginning I was not very fond of the trend, but now I love and wear it a lot!

I know that many people still have that image of when the gloss left a sticky feeling on the lips, but currently the brands have changed a lot of the formulations, and contrary to what we imagine, the feeling is not the same as years ago, quite the contrary, it is super comfortable. The new glosses provide the same brightness, pigmentation and hydration of the former formula, only less sticky.

I have selected a few beautiful looks that I found on the internet to inspire you to invest in lip gloss for you next makeup look. Check it out:

A Volta do Gloss Labial camila coelho blog

Photos: Internet

Will you retire your matte lipsticks and join the lip gloss lovers?