Last week I showed on a post a few beautiful makeup inspirations that we can wear on Christmas and, of course, I had to give some tips on looks as well.  After all, no matter where you will spend it, theres always that concern of what to wear on such a special night, right?!

When it comes to the month of December,  I already start to look for outfit, makeup and decoration inspirations because besides loving this time of year and planing everything down to the smallest details, I also like feeling beautiful and comfortable, after all, this is a day to celebrate with family and friends and to be thankful for all the year’s achievements.

I separated several outfit ideas by categories: dresses, skirts and pants, but remember that these are just a few of the inspirations, what matters is that you feel even prettier than you already are, and rock the look with your own style.

For the girls who like a more romantic ensemble, nothing better than to go for dresses. This is a one piece item that’s easy and will ensure a beautiful look without much effort. For being versatile, you can match it with minimalist or striking accessories. If you’re thinking of a more light and cheerful look, bet on flowy versions.

O que Vestir na Noite de Natal camila coelho saia

The skirts are also great choices and will assure more relaxed or even more feminine looks.  Accessories are what will differentiate, it is worth going for sneakers, heels, sandals or even boots.

O que Vestir na Noite de Natal camila coelho calça

Trousers will ensure a greater comfort and never go out of style. You can wear them either with a more sophisticated pair of shoes, as well as with sneakers, boots or flats. The important thing is to always play with the hi-lo – this is the perfect trick to make outfits more stylish and interesting.

Did you like the inspirations, my loves?!

Now I want to see everyone looking fabulous on christmas night! Haha

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