What I like most during fashion weeks is the freedom that we have to innovate and create more daring styles. This is a moment that I go out of my comfort zone and experience new trends, whether it be at the time of putting together my look to the part of the beauty, particularly in hairstyles – after all, there is nothing better than to look in the mirror and see yourself in a different way, right?!

And for this reason, in one of the NYFW days, I took advantage and played around with a new  hairstyle trend which has already turned fever among many fashionistas and hairdressers around the world: the metallic beads! The new wave, which gives full force to the look, can be seen in buns, braids, ponytails, and etc. What matters is that you use your imagination, the more creative and personalized, the better.

Penteados com cordões metalizados camila coelho2

The day that I wore it, a lot of people asked to show more details, which is something I really hadn’t done before. It is very different and strong! I used the services of ManeAddicts, which has incredible professional hair stylists – but that day, Ruslan was the one who created the hairstyle with strings.

Penteados com cordões metalizados camila coelho4

Penteados com cordões metalizados camila coelho4

This is one type of hairstyle with personality and that helps to amp up the look, don’t you think?  I’m can’t wait to wear it again and try different styles, but this time with braids.

Do you guys like these trends?