Taking care of the skin is my favorite beauty step, I love testing new creams for each region of the face and body. I feel it is a beauty care therapy for me! Haha. But there is one area that I confess that I do not pay much attention to and I know that most people do the same: the neck.

This is one of the most sensitive regions of our body and is increasingly suffering a lot with our way of facing everyday life, after all, we spend a good part of the day looking at our smartphones, causing the skin of the neck (which is already thin and delicate) to be marked which then leads to wrinkles.

And since I know you all like simple and easy-to-do beauty tips at home, today I’ve come to share some of the tricks and care we should have to keep these wrinkles from appearing. Check it out:

– The first is the most shocking of all but the easiest to make a habit: avoid perfume in the neck area. I know it sounds strange but the excess of perfume in this region can accelerate aging and even cause the appearance of spots, so the tip is to wear your favorite fragrance on the back of the neck or behind the ears.

– Just like using skin products on the face does not bring a desirable effect, neither should we apply them on the neck, it is best to always opt for specific creams for that area. A cool trick if you already have the little line that looks like a necklace chain is to apply a stretch mark cream and also exfoliate smoothly twice a week. Worth a try, don’t you think?!

Beauty tips- Como Evitar as Rugas do Pescoco camila coelho

– Food is also our ally in any area of health, after all we must always take care of the inside out, so include antioxidant foods on your plate that help fight free radicals that prevent premature aging of the skin. Eating well makes a total difference always!

– Finally, it is also worth betting on the creams that help to revitalize the neck and decolletage, mainly to prevent the aging in the region. Pay more attention to the treatment if the area already has the unwanted wrinkles.

What did you think of the tips?

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