Today’s post is for a lot of girls who send me a message saying they love a natural highlighted skin, but they don’t know how to achieve this “Inner Glow” effect without having to apply a thousand layers of highlighter. So today I separated some simple and super useful tips that make a total difference in my makeup when I want to achieve that dream glow. Check it out:

1. There is no way to talk about natural glow without mentioning skin care. This sure is the most important step, after all, no makeup is beautiful if the skin is not well cared for, so tip number 1 is: hydrate well and never sleep with your makeup on.make.

2. Avoid foundations with a matte finish and choose the ones with dewy and moisturizing formulas. They are the ones that will ensure strategic glow in an ultra natural way. I made a recent post with my favorites, worth checking out!

Dicas para Conquistar o Glow dos Sonhos camila coelho2

3. Mix a few drops of your liquid highlighter with your foundation and create a subtle and fresh glow. To make the effect even more natural and highlighted, I recommend applying with a damp sponge.

4. If you need your makeup to last for hours, apply the powder only to the strategic locations where you know that your skin tends to get oily, doing that, the highlighted temples will not disappear.

Dicas para Conquistar o Glow dos Sonhos camila coelho2

5. Always finalize the makeup with specific sprays or thermal water. They are the ones that will help to leave everything in place and still strengthen the fresh mood.

Did you like the tips?