Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but the cool part is that they come back renewed, always with a different detail that gives a special touch. And it’s for reasons like this that I’m in love with the fashion world. This is the case with Neon. The vibrant colors have returned to the fashion scene and it’s still going to rock for a long time.

O Neon está de Volta! CAMILA COELHO2

It does not matter if it is worn in an accessory or in a garment, what counts is betting on the trend and the creativity when putting together a look.  I know that for being bold and flashy it is a bit difficult to match, so start with accessories and then bet on only one neon piece of clothing in your outfit – match with more staple pieces, such as jeans, the result will look amazing.

I guarantee you that little by little you will feel comfortable betting on the color as a first-rate fashionista. I found some beautiful looks on the internet to inspire those who are crazy to try this trend, check it out:

O Neon está de Volta! CAMILA COELHO

Will you dare to be bold?! haha