Sometimes all we need on a trip is to relax, to live moments of total tranquility and to recharge our energies, don’t you agree? There are some hotels that are perfect for this. They are more than a place for you to spend a few days while you get to know a city. In fact, they are fate itself. Upon arriving, you already realize that the context is so welcoming that you have no desire to leave.

The Four Seasons Chiang Mai is one of those warm, wonderful and impeccable destinations. A sanctuary of well-being. The hotel occupies a huge area just north of Thailand’s second largest city, Chiang Mai. It is surrounded by rice plantations that already make you delve into the local culture. The rice consumed in the hotel throughout the year is produced right there. Every day you follow the work of the peasants in the fields that spread around two ponds with lotus flowers and even around the wonderful pools in the middle of the green. It can’t any more special thank this!

It opened in 1995 with 99 super luxurious apartments that include 22 private residences. The accommodations have careful Thai decor, flowers everywhere including the bathroom and the balcony. Incidentally, the balcony has such a beautiful view of the rice terraces and pools that you feel like sitting there for hours. But, get up for a yoga class or when it’s time for the spa. By the way, in Thailand you can not leave the massages aside at all. They are of the Gods! And the hotel spa is a must!

Another highlight is the kitchen of Four Seasns Chiang Mai. Sensational from breakfast to dinner. Everything prepared with care, with fresh products, very attentive service and always with a beautiful view of the valley and the rice plantations.

To get to Chiang Mai, its 45 minutes by car. Go early in the hotel’s van, circle the temples, sit down for a coffee, but do not delay. Come back soon to enjoy the peace of Four Seasons Chiang Mai. One of those special hotels in the world. Ah! One more tip: visit an elephant sanctuary and pay attention to choose one that is gentle with animals and does not offer rides. I suggest the Kanjana where the animals are rescued from mistreatment and very well taken care of.

Write down these tips for when Thailand comes into your life.

XoXo and a wonderful week to all!

Claudia Liechavicius