And before the season changes again I already want to start giving lots of tips of more winter trends, so that you can be prepared to strikeout the look of the day like never before. Haha! Beginning with the Victorian shirt, it is inspired by the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria commanded England in 1837.

The shirt is very characteristic and leaves the look with a more chic and elaborated touch without effort. Always in fine fabrics, high collar and frills located on the neck and/or arms, she is delicate but can be the protagonist of many looks with style and a cool and current footprint. Check out a few beautiful inspirations I found on the internet:

This type of shirt has a more feminine feel, but do not be fooled into thinking that it should only be worn with more delicate pieces, on the contrary, the cool thing is to create a mix with more stripped down pieces and to leave the obvious aside, so that you can create the perfect hi-low that we love.

Fashion Trend- Camisa no Estilo Victoriano camila coelho

Photos: Pinterest

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