Fashion isn’t just all about clothing, right? I always keep an eye on the accessories, makeup and of course shoes that are or will turn into a trend for the upcoming season and as winter is approaching in Brazil, I could not help but give tips on the shoes that will be a hit!  There are styles for every taste and for sure they will help to give that oomph to your winter looks. Ready? Let’s check them out!

Starting off with snake print. The snake print is not new and there are those who love or hate it, but there is no denying that, whether in boots, sneakers or scarfs, they can give a current touch and leave any boring look more interesting and cool.


For those who have a more stripped-down style can start celebrating because sneakers are the trend of the moment, and will continue to be. Dad Sneakers were heavily worn in the 1990s and are the darling of many fashionistas around the world. I love it when more sneaker options appear in the fashion scene, giving us the possibility to create more options of comfortable and versatile looks.


The western boots, as its name already says, have this country footprint and is the new hit of the moment. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult options to match, but when done right, the result is incredible. A good tip is to bet on pieces of clothing that completely escape this western footprint, to create an interesting and fashionable hi-lo.

White boots have been my little darlings for a long time and I can’t escape them. I know that when worn the first few times feels a bit different, but then you can be sure that you will be hooked. They are able to transform any look and make you even more stylish, it’s worth betting on!

What did you think of the tips? What is your favorite winter trend?