Every time a picture of Ronda came up in front of me I went crazy to see up close those white houses hanging on the hill. This is one of the most amazing cities in Spain. It was built on top of two cliffs separated by a narrow river arm. A very high bridge connects the two parts of the city. Of course there are plenty of tourists. The city is one of the most visited in southern Spain exactly because it is so unique. But the city is very small. It has less than 40,000 inhabitants. It can be easily walked in less than two hours.

Being in Seville, just over 100 kilometers from Ronda, I decided to make a round trip to visit the city. The journey takes an hour and a half. I arrived before noon and walked around the city.I was impressed by the height of the city over the rocky massifs and even more so with the New Bridge. Well, it has the name of new but it was actually built in the 18th century, a tremendous engineering work done so long ago. Sensational! I confess that it even gives me butterflies when crossing it. It’s very high.

They say Ronda is the cradle of bullfighting. It has one of the oldest arenas in Spain. I don’t like this kind of entertainment show. In Barcelona, bullfights have already been banned, and the arena has been transformed into a mall.

After touring the entire city, you’ll feel at ease for lunch at the star-studded Bardal with a menu of 15 dishes, all marvellous. It will take you more than two hours to taste the delicacies of Benito Gomez. It’s worth every minute. The restaurant is very good.

If you want to stay in the city, take a look at the historic Parador de Ronda practically next to the bridge. The hotel is super well located and guarantees a great view of the valley.

Did you like the pictures of Ronda? I hope you were curious to visit it, as I was since the first time I saw.

XoXo and a wonderful week to all.

Claudia Liechavicius