I had to talk here on the blog about a piece that has returned with full force to the fashion scene and has been the protagonist of many productions full of charm: the maxi skirt.

The reason for so much love is because the piece itself is already very striking and can easily transform an outfit, and with the right compositions we already ensure a stylish and cool look without effort. Look at some beautiful inspirations that I found on the Internet:

To start, assume that striking colors can (and should) also be worn in the winter. There’s nothing more beautiful than walking  through the streets in a vibrant, personality-filled look on grey days, don’t you think?

Create a dreamy hi-low! This skirt already has a more feminine footprint so the easiest way to ensure a harmonious and stylish look is combining with pieces with a more sporty and cool footprint. An infallible trick!

Photos: Pinterest

The cool thing about maxi skirts is that they allow you to create compositions with different styles of shoes, from flats, sneakers, and even boots and high heels, so do not be afraid to bet on this trend, surely you already have the perfect shoes to compose your look with.

What did you think of this tip, my loves?!