It is likely that lately you have come across a series of fashionable “deconstructed items”. Usually, they are pieces that already have an aesthetic history linked to some tradition and that, thanks to some creative minds, go through several transformations. And, in this list, the tailored shirt seems to be one of the darlings of the brands, which has been going through a multitude of adaptations until arriving at a final super desirable product. And different, of course! The most incredible thing is to see that a garment, so classic in the men’s closet, appears in proposals full of femininity, elegance and modernity. With details that, before, we would never think they would be shown in any way.

Here, Camila and I have invested in styles that are completely different from the common shape and that undoubtedly reveal a lot about our urban style. She bet on the open shoulder version, with refresh in the collar area and puffy points at the beginning of the very bulky sleeve. I loved how Camila wore the jeans piece, which in addition to gaining a new look, shows this contrast of shirt fabrics with structured modeling. In my look, a shirt that I chose for one of the days of Fhits HQ, with transparency in the sleeves and layers of the same material in the form of ruching. Notice how this composition was special to give a contemporary and romantic touch to an all white look.


On the runways, the neckline seems to be one of the protagonists of such deconstruction. The décolleté, which only appears with its shirt unbuttoned, appeared in very diverse cutouts or formats. For A.W.A.K.E. Mode, the piece has a collar shifted to the bust line, which creates an opening – and goes to the hem – in a very irreverent way. Meanwhile, in Prada, the neckline appears even with the clothes closed in the buttons, with an outline of studs, playing with the ideas of delicacy and rebellion at the same time – points that are usually explored by Miuccia Prada in practically all her collections.


Among the ideas that go for an oversized path, Ann Demeulemeester proposed a mix of pleats on the sleeves, Appliqué, wide cuffs and length that goes above the knee. With transparent pieces, the Dion Lee shirt combines a certain sensuality and more sober features in a style that serves as a complement to the pierced skirt.


When we talk about deconstruction, asymmetry is one of the elements that also doesn’t stay out of sight. For Monse, the meeting between the two types of stripes + the pointy hem gives a cool and chic tone to the ensemble. With a visible boyish connection between the details of the shirt, Alexander Wang opted for a garment that is tied from both sleeves – and that refers to the sweaters tied over the shoulders, as worn by preppy boys during the 1970s.

Even with these countless changes made to the shirt, designers and influencers have not yet reached their limit of creativity. There are still wishful thinking creations that will emerge to surprise us! And, of course, it’s always worth being open to the new. Because the new always comes around!

XoXo, Alice.