Whether colourful or black and white, in summer or winter, striped prints never go out of fashion and guarantees you a cool look without much effort. Of course there are two directions of the print: horizontal and vertical. The vertical ones are easier to wear, because they lengthen the silhouette. Most styles, in fact, position the stripes in strategic regions to favor the silhouette and lengthen. If you want to wear the horizontal ones, my tip is that you bet on stripes of varied thickness and with colors without much contrast.

The cool thing is that this type of print allows you to assemble a stylish look without much effort, after all, striped piece tends to attract more attention in the look, so just create the right compositions and you’ll nail it!


If you’ve never worn the print and you’re afraid to take a chance on the colorful ones my tip is to bet on black and white with black backgrounds, so you already guarantee an elongated look and it’s much easier to match with any other piece! The truth is that, despite what many people think, it is possible to create varied and super stylish looks with the print, as well as we can also choose the most basics that we are so used to seeing around.


What did you think of the tips? How do you feel about striped pieces?