After the skirts, the pleats are also taking over the dresses and have given us something to talk about! The model is increasingly high and although many people “frown upon” for this type of technique, this can be a piece that will leave your look with a special and different touch. The pleated pieces have movement, invoke romanticism, refer to more elegant and delicate looks but, depending on the modeling chosen and the coordination of pieces, it is possible to go from the most casual look to the most sophisticated.

The more formal models are more common to be seen and guarantees you a chic look for weddings, graduations, etc. Not to mention that it is easy and simple to combine, regardless of the time of the occasion. However, the wave now is to bet on pleated dresses also in the informal moments and even for a casual everyday looks. This orange look of mine, for example, could be transformed into a beach and relaxed ensemble if I just changed the accessories, leaving the production cool and fresh in a matter of seconds.

camila coelho Pleated dresses

Whether in midi length, long or short, this is a piece that will still appear a lot next season, bringing us another fresh option to rock the look of the day during the summer. For those who are afraid of the wide modeling that the pleats have as a characteristic, a trick is to add a belt or waistband to make the look more shaped and proportional.

Did you like this trend? Tell me in the comments below if this is a trend you’ll bet on!