And this time it’s not the fashionistas’ favorite, the leopard, that we’re going to talk about. The print of the moment is zebra, and I know that we will have many opinions against and in favor of this trend. I, as always, am part of the team that loves to try everything that brings me more opportunities to create different and current looks – of course always keeping my identity – so I’m already loving this new trend.

Unlike the cheetah print, the zebra, for being more striking, ends up being a little more complicated to match, but its neutral colors, ensure a certain versatility with the type of occasion and style itself. The rule here is to be comfortable and bet on the print both for a stroll at the mall, enjoy a party or club night, or even to wear in an office look.

Photos: Pinterest

Skirts with this print bring personality to the look, but if you like the idea but are not ready for it yet and find it a bit extravagant, start with accessories or even a second skin, showing only a few strategic details. Surely it will open a larger option when it comes to creating that cool and current ensemble that we desire so much in our day to day.

Let me know on the comments below if this is a trend you would try!