Famous in the ’80s, “Paper bag pants” are back in full force and if you’re the type who loves pieces with a more comfy grip, you’ll love this style. The main characteristic of these pants is to be very wide and have a high and marked waist. Moreover, it is precisely this comfortable modeling that makes it a little more “complicated” to match, after all, because it is wider, the main tip is to play with the proportions and match a t-shirt/tank top or even a cropped top, my favorite combo.

If you are not comfortable betting on a cropped, my tip is to take advantage of the cold days and wear a third piece to compose the look. The “paper bag” pants combined with a tighter top and a shorter jacket looks beautiful and super original. But only bet on jackets with the length to the waist, never longer than this to not to cause the opposite effect. Take a look at some beautiful inspirations I found on the internet:

Paper bag pants camila coelho

Photos: Pinterest

What do you think of this style of pants? I want to know your thoughts!