Hello everyone! Taking care of the body, soul and mind is fundamental in this crazy fast-moving world in we live in.Slow down. Breathe. Keep the body in balance. Get in touch with the essence. The current in favor of well-being is very strong today. Necessary! And if we can combine a beautiful hotel with a super wellness program, even better. Perfect combination!

An Asian country that has left many people wanting to pack is Vietnam. And that is exactly where the amazing Amanoi hotel is located. Have you heard? It is quiet, overlooking the sea, has a delightful beach, huge bungalows with a private pool, impeccable decor, wonderful cuisine and personalized service, in a village full of personality, which has not yet been affected by external culture. In other words, it is one of those idyllic places that in itself invites you to relax.

Well, in addition to that, Amanoi is part of a program called “Fitness in Nature”, which starts in February, in some hotels of the Aman group. It is a super complete program so that guests can take care of their health while enjoying the nature around them. In the case of Amanoi, Nui Chua National Park will serve as inspiration. Invigorating walks, running through the woods, practicing yoga and outdoor activities will be an invitation to explore the natural environment.

Upon returning from physical activities, the spa will be waiting to calm your muscles with a beautiful menu of treatments to choose from. We deserve it, don’t we?

More and more trips have been gaining purpose. It is very nice to be able to combine the exploration of new corners of the world, with physical activity in a healthy environment, relaxation and harmony of the body. What is the purpose of your next trip?

I wish you an active, balanced and loving week.

XoXo and see you next Tuesday.

Claudia Liechavicius