Since our diva Camila Coelho is presenting her swimwear collection, let’s play with the imagination at this moment when the world is at a standstill? I will present 10 sunny places for you to choose one of them to spend 30 days in isolation wearing these wonderful recently launched piece. Which one would you choose?

  1. Corsica – a spectacular mountain island in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to France. It has beautiful beaches and delicious villages like Boniface, the one in the photo. Do you want to know the nickname? Beauty Island. A beautiful place to spend a month in quarantine.

#DicasDeViagem: Córsega Camila Coelho

  1. Paraty – a village full of colorful houses and with a super historical heritage of the time of Brazil Colony. This gem is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro with beaches and many quiet waterfalls.

#DicasDeViagem: Paraty Camila Coelho

  1. Malta – another great option in the Mediterranean to isolate yourself from the world for 30 days. An island dream. The blue is dazzling and the coast is dramatic, full of rocky cutouts. You can pick it without fear. You will love it!

#DicasDeViagem: Malta Camila Coelho

  1. Mallorca – a Spanish island two hundred kilometers from the coast, which is a hit. It has deserted little beaches, super hidden in the middle of rocky coves and fascinating villages. One of those places that has everything to please.

#DicasDeViagem: Malloroca Camila Coelho

  1. Porto de Galinhas – one of the most loved paradises on the Brazilian coast. The sea is crystal clear, the water is warm and the natural pools dance according to the tide. You can easily spend a month in total isolation and full of happiness.

#DicasDeViagem: Porto De Galinhas Camila Coelho

  1. Dominican Republic – year-round sunshine, white sand beaches as far as the eye can see, coconut trees guaranteeing that well-deserved shade and that stunning blue to color the days of confinement. Not bad. How about spending a month in Punta Cana?

#DicasDeViagem: Republica Dominicana Camila Coelho

  1. Virgin Gorda – an island belonging to the British Virgin Islands, full of mysteries, with giant rock formations full of mysticism, in a sea that even looks like a swimming pool. Would you dare?

#DicasDeViagem: Virgin Gorda Camila Coelho

  1. Saint Barths – this is the most charming little French island in the Caribbean. Glamour does not lack since arriving at the airport by the sea, on the steep slopes that always end in unbelievable beaches of such beauty. Could it be that a month is not enough?

#DicasDeViagem: St Barth Camila Coelho

  1. Tahiti – how much power in an archipelago alone. I dare say it is one of the most untouched and beautiful paradises in the world. Each island holds its secrets to seven keys. This photo is from Tahaa. You will not regret spending a month there. I guarantee!

#DicasDeViagem: Tahiti Camila Coelho

  1. Turks and Caicos – this island I imagine you already know so much from the lenses of our muse Camila who was there last year, as from the posts I’ve already published here. It’s hard to find a more beautiful blue than Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.

#DicasDeViagem: Turks and Caicos Camila Coelho

Now what? I know the choice is difficult … which of these destinations would you stay if you could choose where to spend your quarantine carrying Camila Coelho’s beach collection in your suitcase?


Take care of yourself and at that moment travel without leaving the couch. XoXo

Claudia Liechavicius