There are few things in life more relaxing than a long, hot bath. And during a highly uncertain time like this, focusing on self-care and rituals that make you feel calm are so important. For some people, creating a tranquil bath experience is something they do regularly and they have their routine down to a science. But for others that are new to the bath game, you may still be working to perfect your bath situation—you think you’ve drawn the perfect bath only to get in the tub and realize you forgot your book and there’s no music playing and your candles aren’t lit yet. Luckily it only takes a few steps to create a spa-like bath experience in your own bathroom, and below is an easy check list to utilize while getting ready for your next self-care night. From candles to bubbles to music, here’s everything you need for the ultimate relaxing bath.

  1. Candles
  2. Bubbles (or salts, or oils, depending on your preference)
  3. Relaxing music
  4. Good book
  1. Candles: There’s something about lighting a candle to two that instantly shifts your mood—from the dim lighting to the fragrance. Try placing a few of your favorite candles around your bathroom and bath tub while drawing your next bath. Make sure to stick to one scent (maybe use one fragrance candle and non-scented for the others) so you don’t overwhelm your bathroom with too many different smells, and light them before you sink into the tub (we’ve all made that mistake at least once). Le Labo and P.F. Candle Co. have intoxicating fragrances if you’re in the market for a new candle, or check out our previous post on the best non-toxic candles for additional brand recommendations.
  2. Bubbles/ salts/ oils: Depending on the texture you prefer, you can add either bubbles, bath salts, or essential oils to your water (or a combination of the three!). For the most relaxing effect, choose one of these with aromatherapy benefits—the most calming scents are lavender, chamomile, vetiver, and neroli. Bath salts like epsom are great for alleviating muscle soreness, while oils help moisturize dry skin, and bubbles are just fun. If you have sensitive skin you may want to avoid bubbles, however, as most strip away the skin’s natural oils and can cause irritation.

How to Create the Ultimate Relaxing Bath Experience Camila Coelho

3. Relaxing music: Turn on something that helps put you in a calm mindset, whether that’s classical music, meditative sounds, or your favorite playlist. Podcasts are also a great way to open your mind while laying in the tub.

4. A good book: Getting lost in your favorite book will always take you out of your own mind and body for a bit, so why not do so while laying in a hot bath surrounded by your favorite things? If you’re new to baths and trying to get into the ritual a good read can also help pass the time if you’re prone to feeling antsy.

How to Create the Ultimate Relaxing Bath Experience Camila Coelho

Photo: Janice Joostema

That’s it! Now just sit back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful serenity a good bath can bring.

What’s your favorite bath ritual? Let us know in the comments below!